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The Staples Situation And Development Prospect Of The Market Development In China
- Jul 06, 2017 -

The Staples situation and development prospect of the market development in China

Over the years, the market of Staples market in China has been oversupplied and the Staples market is in the buyer's market. According to industry competition structure analysis, the industry has a large number of companies, corporate concentration is low, entry and exit barrier-free, product quality gap is smaller, the enterprise in a fully stream, the industry structure basic scattered in the competition competition.

At Staples products export quantity steady growth each year at the same time, there are still some products such as forging type of Staples, giant excavator with Staples, oversize mine shaft friction hoisting with Staples, large open-pit coal mine, Marine oil drilling, port loading and unloading, floating crane, such as piling ship with Staples still needs a large number of imports. At present, China's import and export price ratio is larger, the Staples from one side to reflect the domestic product quality has certain gap with foreign similar products, product price needs to be further improved.

In the macroeconomic regulation and control of industry organization and market self-regulation, high strength and low relaxation prestressed steel strand malignant expansion development has to stop, Staples of a new round of expansion development need more careful research. At present, the triangle stock Staples and the port of Staples are the hot spots in the development of the Staples enterprises, which may lead to greater overcapacity.

Recently some large well-known domestic enterprises begin to increase the investment of manpower and material resources, and product research and development, improve the technological content of products, make our products in domestic and international market competition ability increased significantly.

According to the actual production levels in 2005, our country existing Staples PuSiNian production more than 10 17000 t enterprises, including Staples PuSiNian production more than 50000 t have FaErSheng group, guizhou steel rope (group) Co., Ltd., Hubei Fuxing Science and Technology Co., Ltd, nantong wire rope (group) Co., Ltd., ningxia hengli Staples Co., Ltd., etc.

Steel wire and its products export in 2005 was a higher price than the same period in 2004 increased by 20.50% on average, exports more than 20000 t have FaErSheng group, nantong wire rope (group) co., LTD., guizhou steel rope (group) co., LTD., etc.

Recently, foreign merchants have a great desire to purchase the forging and Staples products in the early stage of development. In 2005, the production of 5K x 7 + FC, 3K x l9S + FC and 6m x 26SW + IWRC, 6m x 31SW + IWRC, 6m x 29FI + IWRC, etc., also achieved bulk export, which reflected the structural adjustment of China's Staples, and the improvement of product technology content.

The Staples products move towards high performance

Related companies closely follow the market demand and international Staples industry development trend, strengthen domestic Staples new product research and development, toward high technology content, high performance ratio, high service life and compaction, fill in the plastic, plastic coated, more silk contact, composite Staples direction. At the port loading and unloading, vertical shaft hoisting, special crane and other Staples applications, domestic and foreign products have launched face-to-face competition, making new progress in the production of the top. At present, our country is moving to the world at a faster pace.

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