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The Use Of Straight Nails
- Oct 11, 2018 -

What are the differences between ordinary nails and straight nails?

First of all, consider their role above all, straight nails can only be fixed on some fixed products, such as fixed chair frame or ceiling fixed wooden square, because nails are more thin and many straight nails are not easy to crack wood, yard nails can be on some wires and even help some large furniture. The clamp is fixed with the spring and is very reliable.

The advantage of straight nails is that the nail cap can be pushed into the wood so that the scraping putty and spraying paint will not reveal the nail holes.

Secondly, considering the safety of their use, the straight nail is a straight line shape, which can be divided into length and thickness, but there can be a situation that can produce the beginning so that consumption can be used when injured, and the C-nail as the name implies, is the shape of the letter C, matching the use of the yard nail gun, will not produce the beginning of the situation, use. It's very safe to get up.

Straight nails and yard nails have their own advantages. Give full play to the advantages of nails. Wish our family a double success with half the effort.

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