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There Are Problems In The Market Of M45 Series Clinch Clips Material In China
- Aug 08, 2017 -

There are problems in the market of M45 Series Clinch Clips material in China

M45 Series Clinch Clips with materials including range is very wide, from the general carbon structural steel, alloy steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed tool steel, stainless steel, the maraging steel to gold, high temperature alloy, hard alloy, hard together of non-ferrous metal and so on all can choose, mostly belongs to the M45 series of alloy tool steel clamps hold the steel. With the M45 series clamps hold the development of industry, the M45 Series Clinch Clips material quantity, quality, variety and performance aspects put forward the new requirements, higher M45 Series Clinch Clips material market has also been rapid development.

In China, the production of M45 series clamping materials has lagged behind the requirements of the M45 series clamping industry, mainly in several aspects:

The sales channel is not free.

There are many materials, such as flat and black round bars, flat steel, refined materials, and pre-hardened materials and products, and less standard parts. M45 series clamps hold the steel market in China is about 80% black round bar, change change also take their own forging after users to get the material, material utilization rate is low, production cycle is long, can't meet the needs of the M45 Series Clinch Clips manufacturing.

M45 series (3), the general quality of clamps hold the steel, the quality of the M45 clamps hold less steel series, quite a part of the demanding M45 series clamps hold all need after vacuum refining and electroslag solution, some enterprises abroad regulations section is larger than 150 mm M45 clamps hold the steel series, all of electroslag remelting, to ensure that the steel of high purity, high density, high tropism, but our country by electroslag remelting M45 series steel clamps hold the share of small.

The M45 Series Clinch Clips is a device used as a clamping workpiece on the machine tool, known as the "hand" of the machine tool. Use kunshan sea series metal M45 Series Clinch Clips can ensure the workpiece machining accuracy, reduce the auxiliary time, greatly increased the production efficiency, can also expanding the scope of the machine tool use, to achieve "pluripotent" in one. It is not only used for metal cutting processing, but also can be used in inspection, assembly, welding parts, production line manufacturing, etc. Sea series M45 series metal clamps hold just supporting industries, rather than a pillar industry, but must be used in the process of machining various M45 Series Clinch Clips series, M45 Series Clinch Clips is an essential process equipment series, a market with enormous potential.

At present, there are three main problems in the industry of the M45 of China machine tool M45, which is weak in the whole industry and scattered in the layout, which has not formed an industrial entity. The second is the M45 series clamping industry, which is mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. The diversity of the M45 Series Clinch Clips folder can only adopt small-scale production mode, the economic benefit is very limited, the overall strength of the industry is poor. Three M45 is machine tool series clamps hold the social awareness is low, low degree of industry standardization, specialization, restricts the M45 Series Clinch Clips series products development towards specialization, marketization, M45 Series Clinch Clips series product standards need to be strengthen (sea series M45 Series Clinch Clips).

Modular M45 Series Clinch Clips element modularization is the basis of the combination. The series of modular design and standardized M45 Series Clinch Clips components are quickly assembled into various M45 Series Clinch Clipss, which has become the basis point for the development of M45 Series Clinch Clips technology. Provincial labor, time-saving, saving materials and energy saving are reflected in the innovation of various advanced M45 Series Clinch Clips system. Modular design for the M45 series clamps hold the foundation of a computer aided design and assembly of application of CAD technology, component library can be built, a series of typical M45 Series Clinch Clips library, standard and user access to archives, M45 Series Clinch Clips series optimization design, 3 d entity for the user to assemble M45 Series Clinch Clips series. Cutting process simulation tool, which can provide the user with the correct and reasonable M45 Series Clinch Clips with components supporting scheme, and can use experience, understand the market demand, continuously improve and perfect the M45 Series Clinch Clips system. Combination M45 series clamps hold the branch with huazhong university of science and technology cooperation, is working on creating M45 series clamps hold professional and technical websites, for the M45 series clamps hold industry provide information exchange, the M45 Series Clinch Clips series product consultation and development platform for the public, to strive for generalized M45 series clamp clamp design and services, remote information and management of e-commerce.

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