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Tips For Using Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.)
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Tips for using Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.)
Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) Manufacturers of product use is very user-recognized, in many aspects of life have been used, and the effect is good, want to get good use effect, then need to know some skills, specifically what aspects of the embodiment?
In general, the selection of Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) to use 2.5 times times longer than the workpiece thickness of nails, if the use of two different parts of the weight to ensure that the nail has enough length, nail into the material when appropriate to maintain an angle, easy to form a dovetail of the form of oblique nails, two things to ensure that the link between the use of two nails in line with the standard to ensure that the link between the reliable and solid.
We also need to note that in the nail into the relatively high hardness of the workpiece when you have to drill the pinhole, the diameter of the nail is less than the size of the relevant information can call manufacturers contact telephone consultation
Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) Manufacturers of products have a lot of different specifications, and the production process is also a number of technical distinctions, the use of these Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) is different, so in the purchase time, also need to be based on the actual needs to choose.
The Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) used in home decoration are mainly wood and wall surface, and the best choice is steel nails when fixing between wood and wall. In the wood between the fixed time, because on the surface of the wood will often be sprayed on the surface, so we choose galvanized fine wire nails (19-23 GA) is the most appropriate, this can be a good direct intake of wood inside. There is also a soft material fixed, you can choose to have a flat nail head of the decorative nails, nail head color diversity, and beautiful.
Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) products in many aspects have a good use effect, its application is very extensive, all over the industry, the production process of its impact is very large, below let us learn more about this information.
Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) production needs to be finished by wire drawing machine to remove rust at the same time, pull into the specification diameter of the nail you need, then enter the nail mechanism into a fine silk nail (19-23 ga), then put the raw material into the polishing machine, toss the brightness you need to pour out; Seemingly simple production steps, each process is closely related to quality, not sloppy, want Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) have better performance, but also add some technology.
Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) manufacturers produce a wide range of products, especially in a variety of wood products processing, so that a of high-quality products used raw material is what? How about the production process? Let's get down to the details.
Fine Wire Staple (19-23 GA.) is a hot-rolled low carbon wire rod cold drawn into the steel as raw materials, and then through the machine processed into a variety of specifications of nails, also known as iron Nails, the use of very wide, in furniture manufacturing, decoration, all need to be used, more easily than other nails to merge and fixed wood, especially suitable for use in the board when the pin, because of the different diameter of the nail rod, can be divided into heavy, light and standard type, and in the form of nail rod distinction, there is a light rod and thread difference.

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