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Use D RING To Pay Attention To What
- Jul 27, 2017 -

Use D RING to pay attention to what
D RING in our lives we use is very wide, the main thing is that our life is very good. Nails in our lives is to be used frequently, the main thing is used in the decoration and production of furniture inside the industry, their use of the effect is very good, people are very like, they are mainly used to Fixed something.
When we use the time, the size of the pressure according to the size of the material and nails of the nail object, set the ideal pressure from the low pressure began to gradually increase the pressure until the effect of a satisfactory nail, the use of tools, Check the pressure, otherwise it may cause the tool to burst, fast nail must keep the nail gun required pressure, otherwise the lack of power can not burst. Over the approved work pressure, will D RING gun buffer, the first valve, seals, hit the needle has a great damage. So at work, according to the use of wood, choose D RING gun. If you encounter such a hard texture in the use of such a very hard wood.
When we use the time he is generally used with the D RING gun, the only way is to give our lives a very good life.
D RING in our lives is very widely used, for example, we now use the furniture, that is, through the D RING to connect, and we contact less industry For example, many components are used in the composition of the D RING The D RING can get a good fastening effect, other types of nails can not be done.
Because the structure of the D RING and the other nails are different, D RING has been able to achieve such a prominent effect entirely because of its structure and other nails are different, its nail is a spiral pattern, and they touch It is very sharp, we are in such a nail into the top of the time, these spiral lines and objects will be firmly together. The use of such a means to carry out in the time we want to come out is also very laborious. If we use ordinary nails and D RING for comparison, the biggest difference is that it looks different above, and the effectiveness of the D RING are all dependent on the spiral design, we are often in the decoration of the furniture Use the D RING, because in the furniture if there is a broken wood, then there will not be a very serious problem, because the other part is also firmly embedded in the inside.
So we use the D RING correctly, if we want to make the D RING more tight, we can also use tools to make the D RING better mosaic in the object inside.
The development of the city is inseparable from the reinforced concrete, brick tiles into the building outside, and the interior of the building by a small nail modification. D RING is the D RING manufacturer of a common nail, a building of the strong and reliable but not the lack of D RING fastening. D RING also has many types, we buy and use D RING also need to distinguish between different types of D RING use.
In order to build the internal structure of the building becomes strong, first have to know D RING use, D RING is different from ordinary nails, its head was trumpet-like, tail sharp, nail with a screw, very suitable for all kinds of gypsum board, Wall and ceiling ceiling series installation. The most common D RING has two-line fine teeth, single-line coarse teeth and spinning nails. Different types of D RING due to the different materials have different effects. The basic product of the double-lined D RING is phosphating the D RING, in addition to the blue and white zinc D RING, black phosphide D RING, yellow zinc D RING, their function is also very different, such as black Phosphate D RING with lubrication to make it easier to attack the steel plate, and blue and white zinc D RING has a good anti-rust performance, extending the life of the D RING. Single-line thick teeth D RING often as a double line fine teeth D RING replacement, and because it will not damage the use of wood structure, so people prefer to use it when the wooden keel installation, spinneret is more suitable for the connection between the metal keel, so we need according to different purposes To buy D RING.

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