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What Are Staples

What are staples?

Is usually made of wire, nickel plated or nickel zinc alloy as rust prevention, wire inside Fe, S, P, Mn, Si, and a small amount of Cu and so on, in which the content of C in 99% or so Fe. Staples are made of a variety of materials, plain iron, and steel and copper.

Sewing needle size: 10#, 24/6 (uniform), 26/6

Thick layer Book nail: 23/8, 23/10, 23/13, 23/15, 23/17, 23/19, 23/23

American Book pin: B8, B88.

Book specification:

24/6 staples have a width of two stitches (outer width) of 12.66-12.75mm and foot height of 5.85-6.00mm;

In 24/6 24 AWG gauge, used to represent the nail wire diameter (24 0.511mm); the 6 foot high 6mm nail said. [1]

10# staples are two stitches wide (outer width) 9.20-9.35mm, and foot height 4.80 + 0.15mm.

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