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What Are The Specific Uses Of Furniture Nails?
- Sep 02, 2017 -

What are the specific uses of furniture nails?

1. steel nails: mainly used for cement walls, ground and surface materials, as well as the basic structure of fixed. Steel nail strength, not easy to rust, the common wall without drilling holes, easy to use, but the cost is high, less model, the decoration is less.

2. round nail: mainly used for fixing the base structure. Round nail strength small, easy to rust, must use borehole drilling, the price is low, the whole model, the use of more.

3. straight nails: mainly used for surface plate fixation. Special straight nail gun is needed, the price is low, it is not easy to rust, and it can improve work efficiency and use more. When fixing the surface board, the nail eye can not be easily seen, and the work difficulty of the later stage paint is reduced, and the decorative effect is increased.

4. pattern nail: mainly used for fixing the base panel. The use of special grain nail gun, low price, not easy to rust.

5. insulation nail: also known as expansion screws (bolts). The principle is through the internal screw extrusion, so that wrapped around the bolt ring cylinder (or similar) outward deformation (expansion), the greater the deformation, and finally fixed in the hole. Expansion bolt should pay attention to: 1) the hole diameter and ring cylinder outer diameter difference can not be too big; 2) hole material can not be too soft.

6. corrugated nails: used to connect wooden parts, and asbestos tile, plastic tile fixed.

The nail is not a diamond we do not promise we are invincible, it is difficult to ensure the eternal luster,...... However, in the concept of "strong and vigorous people", even the smallest steel nail should have the quality of diamond.

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