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What Is The Use Of Clip Nails?
- Sep 02, 2017 -

What is the use of clip nails?

Is made of galvanized iron wire, and similar types of staples, typically with a J prefix that. Pneumatic gun nail is a kind of, mainly used in engineering, home decoration, furniture manufacturing, packaging, leather, footwear, handicrafts and other industries.

There are two kinds of nail nails, long staple and wide spike.

Long code nail is usually very narrow but long, long staple often played a role of T nail, representative model is 422 yards of nail, usually used to make wood logistics.

The wide spike acts as a means of fixing the thinner member to the wooden structure. Such as large format advertising stickers, sofa bandage, wire groove. Whether long or wide code code nail nails, because the nail into the left after the nail head is similar to staples, so code nail is commonly used in the appearance requirements are not high (or see the internal component of wood logistics) not see (on the sofa bandage, trough).

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