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What Wire Works
- Jan 22, 2017 -

For walk in silk, and is the name of a machine tool, it's time to market is relatively long. In many of the national standard of CNC machine tool products, the name has not been produced. So, the next editor will tell you a little something about this machine.

Wire cutting

Wire coding and control system of the machine tool is one of the main platform based on WindowsXP editing system of line cutting, wire cutting areas are in terms of CAD and CAM system combination. And even more noteworthy is that now a lot of coding and control system of numerical control system of development and application of wire edges when using this system.

Belongs to the wire in electric spark cutting machine this machine belongs to a kind of wire-EDM machine tool, simple to understand for repeatedly cutting material system of high speed wire machine tools. It can be moved by using the continuous electrode wire electrode, then use form high temperatures can be quickly cut the material.

To sum up, is a brief introduction of the wire, in need of friends you can refer to.

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