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Wire Cutting Length For High Speed Machining Problems
- Jan 22, 2017 -

Saving lives: intense competition day by day in the market continue to set new standards. Increasing demand for the rate of time and cost. This compels the advances in new technology and production technology. High speed grinding provides hope and solutions ... ...

New materials more difficult to machine materials has focused on finding new grinding of the indispensable nature of the solution. Heart of the aerospace industry is resistant against high temperature alloy steel and stainless steel. Transport industry using a different pair of metal, small gray pig iron, and increases the amount of aluminum. Production of model-making business will face the problem of high hardness of hardened steel, from rough machining to finishing.

Quality: the high demands on quality is unprecedented intense competition caused by the final results.

High speed grinding if used accurately, you can supply solutions in this area. Instead of manual finishing is an example of the complex 3D production model of the tank is secured.

Technology: demands for quicker processing time-just a few times to install a card and simplify logistics (logistics) requirements in most situations can be resolved by the high speed grinding. Production model-making industry is a typical requirement in a card to complete a full absolute hardening small parts grinding. Using high speed grinding may derogate from, and Juan from time consuming expensive EDM (electrical discharge machining) processing.

Preset and progress: this competition is one of the main ways sell Marvel products. Small uniform transport life cycle is now 4 years, computers and accessories for 1.5 years, mobile phone 3 months ... ... This rapid change of style and rapid progress in product development is a prerequisite for high speed grinding technology.

Complex products: parts multifunction appearance has increased, such as the new default ship's engine turbine blades has a new optimization special nature and functions. Earlier presets allow by hand or robot (robot) to light. There are new, complex style of ship's engine turbine blades must be after chip to light, it is best to use high speed grinding polishing. More and more be sure to use thin-walled for grinding purposes of examples of finishing (medical facilities, electronics, defense products, computer parts).

Products of: material, handle, machine tools and control for grinding, in particular CAD/CAM the special properties and facilities much progress there may be satisfied with a request, such a requirement is the new production methods and technology, must be satisfied.

Original definition of high speed grinding

In 1931, Germany theory of Salomons in a patent: "with a certain degree of speed (5-10 times higher than normal grinding), grinding, grinding on the blade remove the chip temperature to reduce ... ...

Derived from the above assertion: "seems like a useful sense of cutting tools with high chip rate yield opportunities. ”

Less fortunate is that modern research has tests on various aspects of the theory. For different materials, from a grinding speed edge's temperature has decreased. For steel and cast iron, this relatively lower half. However, but for aluminum and other non-metal is great. High speed grinding of definitions must be based on other factors.

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