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Wire Used In The Environment What Are The Requirements?
- Jan 22, 2017 -

Wire is a kind of machine tool, when using a set of requirements on the environment, mainly in the following points:

Places, without dust, dust is too much, equipment wear on the screw, wire is controlled by computer, if dust into the computer disks, disks become corrupted. In addition, the device required for the operation of ventilation if dust to accumulate too much, poor electrical components and cooling, easy to burn out the circuit board.

Second, select the place that can withstand the weight of machine work, if you can't even bear the weight of equipment when subjected to vibration or shock, then the damaged machine, even dangerous.

Three, places with small temperature changes, the device itself will generate a lot of heat, if the temperature change is too big, the service life of equipment have also been greatly affected. Well ventilated, spacious factory is more suitable for wire cutting machine in use.

In short, to walk in silk to create a good environment, not only to protect the equipment, you can improve processing efficiency.

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