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You Learned About Wire Cutting Technology In The Development Of Machine Tool Industry
- Jan 22, 2017 -

As we all know, every product or machine has its own production and history, for wire cutting technology in the development of machine tool industry in history are there any details yet? friends didn't know now let Jerry machinery co, Dongguan city for a detailed analysis of it!

In the go thread cutting is a line cutting process technology, its mechanical also also called in the go silk EDM line cutting machine, and fast go silk, and walking silk and in the go silk are refers to of is EDM line cutting machine, membership Yu reciprocating of go silk EDM line cutting machine of category within, for in the go thread cutting technology in machine of industry in the actually has development has has quite long of a period has.

Wire cutting machine tool industry in the world, cultural and technological fields, in the middle of the 20th century, scientists have begun to study in the Soviet Union countries switch contact spark corrosion phenomenon how to better use by people, in the course of research, through continuous efforts to test human inventions, processing method using EDM to the workpiece. First was using line cutting technology discharge technology of national should is 1960 years around of Qian Soviet, at to projection device watch profile surface to for manual control and to table surface for processing, although processing of speed more slow, at this in at also is a processing mechanical field of progress, because such of way can processing traditional mechanical processing can't of micro-shape, when most with representative of practice application example is of weaving nozzle of shaped hole processing, in at using of processing liquid with minerals sex oil, Characteristics of interelectrode distance, high insulation resistance, but the practicality of processing is restricted, processing speed is lower than similar machines now.

Over time to the 1969 Paris machine tool exhibition, Switzerland electric discharge machining machinery factory in deionized water (near water) process models first exhibited at that time, the machine processing efficiency and speed is very gratifying, can ensure that no one during operations of the quality and safety of the State. Only of regrets is at of NC tape of made is a is trouble of things, if not used large of computer programming for using who for is is for troubles of things, certainly this is in automatically programming appeared Qian of status, then universal of more slow, late through Japan of factory development has small computer automatically programming of line cutting discharge processing machine cheap, this class processing mechanical began universal has from.

Sometimes although has technology capacity, at because and market environment of out value planned production out of line cutting machine in quality Shang and abroad of some products has disparity, in China implemented market system Hou, domestic began emerged out has many of line cutting machine production businesses, so slowly of line cutting market also began appeared has some disorder competition, time over to now for "in the go silk" this items technology early became has contemporary China unique go thread cutting machine high-end products of code, Many enterprise on in the go thread cutting technology in machine Shang of application also is concern, certainly in the go thread cutting technology only in people of constantly innovation and groping machine field of process in China, line cutting phase for some developed development of more slow some, in China of domestic line cutting technology early for research in in the early 1970 of the 20th century, line cutting technology application of machine products began in market appeared, in thought market economic zhiqian line cutting machine of development in domestic are is slow, Plateau is mainly because the electronics industry technology and relatively backward compared to other countries, wire-cutting machine is in some State-owned enterprises in order to burst out of its brilliant spark.

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